How To Turn On/Off My Instax Mini 11? (in 2 Super Easy Steps)

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If you want high-quality pictures that develop instantly, the Instax Mini 11 is a great choice. Most of the time, it’s pretty easy to use. But oddly, when you press the power button, it doesn’t turn the device off, as you’d expect.

So, how to turn off Instax Mini 11?

Pushing the lens into the Instax Mini 11 will turn off the device. Avoid using too much force to prevent damage to the lens. Don’t touch the glass, as this can lead to smudging. After this is completed, it’s best to ensure that the device is stored securely in a camera bag.

It’ll be reasonably easy for you to learn the basics of the Instax Mini 11. With these principles in mind, you can take beautiful pictures with this camera.

How To Turn Off My Instax Mini 11?

Don’t worry if you have been confused about turning off the Instax Mini 11. You aren’t alone. After all, pushing the power button won’t turn off the device. The good news is that shutting it down is a relatively simple process.

Here are the steps that you need to follow:

How To Turn On Off My Instax Mini 11

2 Easy Steps To Turn Off The Instax Mini 11

Total Time: 2 minutes

Push the camera lens back into the body.

Push the camera lens back into the body

You won’t need to apply a lot of force to do this. Avoid touching the lens; you don’t want the oil from your thumb to smudge the lens. Once the lens is back in the camera, the device should turn off.

Put the camera back in the bag.

Put the camera back in the bag.

Sometimes, you might want to use a camera bag. This will ensure that the lens doesn’t get scratched and prevent the camera from getting shaken. A camera bag is also a great place to keep spare film and batteries.

How To Store The Instax Mini 11? 

It’s best to keep the Instax Mini 11 in a camera bag when not in use. Avoid storing it in a high-temperature environment. It’s also recommended to keep your Mini 11 away from humid climates. If storing long-term, it’s best to remove the batteries. 

Once you’ve turned off the camera, you must consider how you will store it.

Removing the batteries is best if you aren’t using them for a while. You don’t want them to corrode inside the camera, releasing acid and destroying the device.

Here are the steps you will need to follow to remove the batteries:

  • Apply pressure to the top of the battery compartment; this should open the door.
  • Remove the batteries
  • The batteries can be stored in a Ziploc bag in the camera bag.

It’s also important to consider the film that’s inside the camera. If you will be storing it for more than a month, it’s best to use up any remaining film. This ensures that the photos will be high-quality.

Next, you need to consider where the camera will be placed.

You don’t want to leave it where it can be knocked over. A camera bag can be a good way of offering protection from movement. Plus, it will protect it from dust.

You don’t want to store your Mini 11 in an area of extraordinarily high or low temperatures. This can damage the electronics.

Avoid humid areas.

You should keep the film from light and avoid high temperatures when storing it. I usually leave my Polaroid film in the cupboard.

How To Turn The Instax Mini 11 On? 

First, photographers will need to push the power button. This will cause the lens to pop out. Pressing the shutter button will allow you to take a picture, though you will need to wait for the flash button to stop flickering. If this doesn’t work, it’s likely a problem with the batteries.

The process of turning on the Instax Mini 11 is relatively simple. You just need to push the power button. When you do this, the lens will pop out. The flash button will flicker before lighting up consistently. This is a sign that you can use the camera to start taking pictures.

If the camera isn’t turning on, here are some of the potential reasons:

  • Not waiting for the flash button to stop flickering. Nothing will happen if you hit the shutter button before the flash is ready.
  • The batteries are not working. One of the most common Instax Mini 11 issues is that batteries don’t have enough charge to power the camera. Usually, they will last for around 100 shots. You might not have inserted the batteries into the camera properly.
  • Using non-alkaline batteries. These cameras will only work with alkaline batteries. If you have put the wrong variety in, you won’t have enough power to turn on the camera.
  • The lens isn’t out. The lens should come out when you first turn on the power button. If it doesn’t, you won’t be able to take pictures, so you should ensure that nothing is blocking it. You might have to take it to an Instax dealer if it doesn’t work.

If you still have problems, you might want to take the camera to a professional. They’ll be able to sort out any technical glitches that you might be experiencing.

How To Switch to Selfie Mode In The Instax Mini 11?

Selfie mode is activated on the Instax Mini 11 when you pull forward the lens. Photographers should see the markings saying “Selfie On.” When it’s time to turn off selfie mode, push the lens into the camera until the markings can no longer be seen. 

Another area that can cause some confusion is switching from standard to selfie mode within the camera. Principally, selfie mode allows you to take close-up pictures of your subjects.

As the name suggests, this mode is best engaged when you want to take pictures of yourself.

To shoot in selfie mode, you must hold the camera arms-length away and push the capture button. You’ll capture the best images if you keep the camera 11 to 19 inches (30 to 50 centimeters) away from your face.  

Some people can have a little difficulty entering into selfie mode.

Activating selfie mode on the Mini 11 can be difficult
Activating selfie mode on the Mini 11 can be tricky

You will need to adjust the camera’s lens, pulling it forward. This can be a little fiddly. Unfortunately, you might need to use a little force to get the lens out. Just be careful about pulling too hard and damaging the camera.

The Instax Mini 11 camera has a mark to let you know when you have entered selfie mode.

You should be able to see the marking saying “Selfie On.” This is printed on top of the lens. This doesn’t have a self-timer, and there is no way of triggering the camera remotely. Because of this, you will need to push the button while holding the camera.

After taking the pictures, you want to move the lens back into place, so the lens is still out, but the words “Selfie On” are no longer visible. Returning to normal mode can be a little fiddly, so don’t risk damaging the lens by pushing it too hard.

You should also avoid touching the glass with your fingers so you don’t smudge it. Pushing it into the camera’s body will turn off the device.

Final Thoughts

Turning off the Instax Mini 11 doesn’t have to be a difficult task. You need to return the lens to the camera’s body. This will allow the camera to sit flat, making it easier to store and transport.

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