Polaroid Photo Booth 2023 – Our Honest Review

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There is a particular nostalgic value attached to Polaroid images, and what could be better if you could take them in your home, that too, in a photo booth? You get precisely with the Tastemaker LLC Polaroid at-home instant photo booth.

This device allows you to take 2×3 instant photos that you can save, edit, print, and even share digitally. It’s a great hit at parties and weddings – so much so that it went viral!

Polaroid Photo Booth
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However, the Polaroid at-home instant photo booth is an investment, but is it clever? Come find out!


Manufacturer Tastemaker LLC/ Arcade 1Up
Weight 10 pounds
ColorsRed and White
Touchscreen Monitor Yes ( 10 -inch)
Storage 16GB (Internal)
Micro SD External Storage SlotYes (Micro SD card not included)
Compatible PaperZero Ink (ZINK) technology
Print Size 2×3 inch
Digital Image Sharing Enabled via QR code

Key Features

The Polaroid at-home instant photo booth is pretty straightforward to use, The design is simplistic. The screen instructions are easy to follow. Let’s take a detailed look at some of the critical features of the photo booth.

Polaroid Photo Booth Features
Polaroid Photo Booth Features


The Polaroid at-home instant photo booth is available in two colors: red and white. The design is sleek with classic Polaroid rainbow stripes down the middle. Despite the product dimensions, the photo booth only weighs around 10 pounds, making it easy to transport to various locations.

The photo booth features a 10-inch touchscreen display in the front and an external battery and Micro SD card slot at the back. However, it does come with a power cord to plug in the photo booth.

There are also three mounting options: an attached adjustable stand for a flat surface, like a tabletop, a wall bracket, and a do hung on a door or standing as per convenience. The Polaroid photo booth has a power button at the top on the right-hand side and a red shutter button to take pictures.

WF Tastemakers Polaroid at-Home Instant Photo...
  • Can be hung on a door or held standing up on a table or flat...
  • 10” touchscreen monitor with Built-in filter effects
  • A vast library of filters, stickers, frames/ borders, text, free...

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The photo booth also features a tilt-able camera and an LED light ring for low light surroundings.

The printer door, where you load the photo paper, is right below the touchscreen and has to be lifted to open. Once the polaroid film is in, you can start printing images, Although even without the film, the photos can be taken and saved for printing later.


The Polaroid at-home instant photo booth has 16GB of internal storage. There is a slot at the back for external storage. However, a Micro SD memory card is not included with the photo booth. The internal and external (optional) storage allow for photos to be saved, which allows for future reprinting should you wish to.

Editing and Augmented Reality Features

Editing and Augmented Reality Features
Editing and Augmented Reality Features

You can edit pictures using the device’s vast filters, frames, and stickers. The editor also allows you to make a free drawing on the taken photo – you can choose the color, change the brush size, and use an eraser to rectify mistakes. The augmented reality features add a creative element to the fun photo booth.

Zero Ink Technology Paper and Image Quality

The at-home instant photo booth uses Zero Ink Technology(ZINK) paper 2 x 3 inches in size. The article comes in packs of 10 photos, the maximum number of films the printer can hold. Putting more than ten photo papers in the door can cause the printer to jam.

The ZINK paper has a peel-off sticker at the back, which works great to stick the pictures in scrapbooks and mood boards.

The image quality is pretty decent. However, we found that you need to have the LED flashlight on to get a clear picture in most instances. An external ring light makes the photos look even better.

Quick Share Feature

The quick share feature generates a digital image shared over smartphones by scanning a QR code that displays on the screen. Press the “Upload” icon next to the Print option to generate the code.

How To Use The Polaroid At-Home Photo Booth

To use the photo booth:

  1. First, plug in the power cord and press the power button.
  2. Add in your Wi-Fi information, which allows for digital photo sharing later.
  3. Load ZINK paper by opening the printer door under the touch screen, making sure you place the blue barcode side inward. First, you will eject the blue film.
  4. Use the self-timer to set it to 0,3, 5, or 10 seconds.
  5. Pose and press the red shutter button.
  6. Edit the image by clicking the pencil icon. Choose from various frames, stickers, and filters. You can also free draw. You can save the image using the download icon.
  7. Upload the image to scan the QR code and share it via your smartphone, or tap on the print icon.
  8. Collect the image from the print tray.

Drawbacks – Is the Polaroid At-Home Photo Booth Worth It?

The Polaroid at-home instant photo booth has quite a hefty price tag, especially considering the running cost of the ZINK paper.

The images turn out good, but the extra lighting is almost always needed. The printer also flips the image. However, it does make a unique addition to parties and get-togethers.

If you want to buy it for nostalgia and fun, go for it. As for instant photos, some cameras do a far better job at a much lower price.


How do you use a Polaroid photo booth?

To use the photo booth, plugin and press the power button. Ensure the ZINK paper is loaded in the printer door under the touchscreen. Use the self-timer to set it to 0, 3, 5, or 10 seconds, and press the red shutter button.

Edit the image using various frames, stickers, filters, or free draw. Press the download icon to save the image. Then, tap on the print icon and collect the image from the print tray. You can also upload the image to your smartphone via a QR code on the touchscreen.

How do you put paper in a Polaroid photo booth?

Open the printer door below the touchscreen to put paper in the Polaroid at-home instant photo booth. You have to push the door up and pull it out to open. Place the ZINK paper blue barcode side down in the compartment and close the door properly.

If the door is not correctly closed, the photo booth won’t print images.

What paper does the Polaroid photo booth use?

The Polaroid photo booth uses the 2 x 3-inch Zero Ink (ZINK) Technology Photo paper. However, reviewers have also successfully used generic photo papers of the same size.

The Bottom Line

The Polaroid at-home instant photo booth is a fun device to use with your friends and family, but it is pretty expensive for the picture quality. Especially when instant cameras are in the market, doing the same thing at one-third of the price.

That said, the photo booth appeal is hard to beat for some, so if you have several events lined up, you can ignore the price tag and buy the photo booth just for its fun!

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