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No instant camera, no worries! Now you can print Polaroid reminiscent photos using your smartphone, thanks to the Instax Mini Link portable printer.

Instead of Wi-Fi, the Mini Link uses Bluetooth technology to connect with smartphones for a crisp, high-quality photo printed in under 15 seconds.

However, it is priced at almost $100, and when you add the running cost of the instant mini film, it makes you wonder: Is the Instax Mini Link Printer worth the money?

Come find out!

Fujifilm Instax Mini Link Smartphone Printer (Ash White) + Fuji Instax Mini Film (40 Sheets) - Instax Mini Link Printer Bundle
  • Add fun filters and frames to your photos. Print photos from your videos
  • Connect up to 5 smartphones to the LINK printer and print a photo collage

The Instax Mini Link Printer uses a free app to connect wirelessly to a smartphone to print photos as you would with an Instax Mini camera.

Although, unlike the camera, you can be sure of what photo prints you will get as you are allowed to view and edit images through the app before you hit print.

Instax Mini Printer Review
Instax Mini Printer Review

The printer’s one-button function makes it extremely easy to use, and instant film usage makes for more authentic color images than Zink alternatives- albeit at a relatively higher price.

Instax Mini Link Smartphone Printer: Key Features

The Fujifilm Instax Mini Link printer has five new exclusive features, including a video print and a match test. Let’s look at the key features in detail.

Instax Mini Link Smartphone Printer
Instax Mini Link Smartphone Printer


The Instax Mini Link portable printer is available in three modern colors (Ash White, Dark Denim, and Dusky Pink), with a ribbed plastic exterior. (The Ash White is also available in a special edition red and blue color.)

The molded edges cut a stylish figure and make the design as aesthetically pleasing as portable. At only 3.5 in. × 1.3 in. × 4.9 in. in dimensions and 7.3 oz. in weight, the Mini Printer is just the right size to fit into a bag. 

Supported Film Type

The Mini link Printer uses the famous Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant Film.

Therefore, there is no need for paper and ink to print Instax photos; all you need is to load the film in the back compartment and press the LED Instax button for the Instax print.

As with any Fujifilm Mini Camera, the printed photo comes out approximately the size of a credit card.

However, keep in mind that the actual image size is smaller than the film size. The film size is 86mm x 54mm, but the image size is 62mm x 46mm, with space to write a note at the bottom.

Power Supply

The Fujifilm Instax Mini Link portable printer uses an internal lithium-ion battery as the power supply – which is non-removable. You can charge the battery through a micro USB.

The printer comes with a cable, but there is no AC adapter. You can use your smartphone adapter or connect to a PC to charge the battery.

However, PC settings and conditions may restrict this option. 

The Instax LED light flashing in red means that the battery is charging. The same light flashes green when the printer is almost charged.

You can check battery status through the LED light as well: when it lights up green, the battery is above 50%; but when it lights up red, it indicates a low battery.

You can expect continuous printing of around 100 Instax photos at full charge.

Printing Time and Quality

With more than twenty years under its belt, the Instax Mini film is only superseded in quality by the Polaroid 600 format. It is readily available, and the Instax print quality is vibrant, thanks to the glossy finish of the film.

With smartphone cameras getting better consistently, the print is great. It is even better if you use images from a professional-grade camera.

Not only is the quality excellent, but you can print photos in less than 15 seconds after they have been transferred from your smartphone.

Ideally, instant Instax printing takes 12 seconds to share photos to the printer, which makes selecting the image to print time a little over 20 seconds.

Instax Mini Link App

The Mini Link printer needs a smartphone app to be downloaded to work.

The app essentially connects the phone to the printer, allowing choosing and transferring photos to print the final image.

The Instax Mini Link app is available for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play. You have to allow the app to use your smartphone camera and camera roll when installing.

The Mini link Printer uses the famous Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant Film
The Mini link Printer uses the famous Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant Film

The app is simple to use, with just a click to print photos in seconds.

You also do not need to buy the pricier monochrome film as the in-app filters allow you to edit images to sepia or black-and-white. Using the app also eliminates the possibility of wasted prints, as with the Instax camera.

There are two app modes to choose from: the print mode and the fun mode.

You can switch between the different styles through the app or using the motion sensors in the printer itself, which automatically chooses the print mode when standing up and fun mode when lying down.

Each app mode comes with its own set of features.

1. Print Mode

You can use Simple Print in this app mode and make a few adjustments to print photos. You can also use Video Print to select any frame from a video of up to three minutes and print it as an image.

Moreover, you can access the Instax Camera, which allows you to take a live picture instead of importing one from your camera roll. The Instax Camera option has a mini film frame to work as a guide.

You can also zoom in and out of the image by tilting the printer back and forth, which works great when you aren’t holding the phone. Placing the printer vertically will automatically switch to Print Mode.

2. Fun Mode

The Fun App mode includes more “party-friendly” features., Choose the model from the app itself or place the printer horizontally to access its exclusive features.

You can get creative with sketches and edits to add to your prints. There is also Frame Print, which allows you to constantly choose from over 30 frame print options to add to your photos.

Other fun mode features include Party Print, which allows up to five friends to submit images from their phones to yours to form a collaborative collage print for guaranteed fun.

You can even choose to leave the Surprise Mode on to make a unique Instax print, which remains a secret until the photo is developed. Other than that, you can also choose a Collage Print option to choose between various collage and split styles.

Lastly, you can take an image with a friend or combine two shots for the Match Test, which gives your compatibility percentage printed on the photo.

You either answer questions or let the device calculate the compatibility for you.


Apart from allowing continuous printing, you can also reprint the last Instax photo by placing the printer upside down and clicking the power button.

However, when you print photos, the last one is automatically erased when the printer is switched off, so it cannot be reprinted.

If the photo is automatically erased, you can access it from the camera and print it.


You can only connect the printer to iOS and Android smartphones and tablets using Bluetooth, but not laptops or desktop computers.

This printer chooses Bluetooth over Wi-Fi, which may be a little slow but is a better technology for this kind of device.

While data transfer may be slower, initiating a connection over Bluetooth is much easier than Wi-Fi, making the actual print time pretty similar. 

However, the switch to Bluetooth means you cannot directly connect to GFX and X Series cameras (apart from the X-A7 digital camera).

However, you can print photos from any X Series digital camera compatible with the Fujifilm camera remote app.

How To Use The Mini Printer

Using the printer is pretty straightforward. Load the mini-film in the back compartment of the printer and turn it on by holding the power button for 1 second. The same action turns off the printer.

Fujifilm Instax Mini Link Smartphone Printer (Ash White) + Fuji Instax Mini Film (40 Sheets) - Instax Mini Link Printer Bundle
  • Add fun filters and frames to your photos. Print photos from your videos
  • Connect up to 5 smartphones to the LINK printer and print a photo collage

Once the printer is on, download the Mini Link app, agree to the terms and conditions, and select the image to be printed.

Make sure your Bluetooth is switched on, and the printer is connected. Click on the print button in the app and wait for the image to eject from the printer.

Mini Link Portable Printer Specifications

Film Size86 mm × 54 mm
Film UsedFUJIFILM Instax mini Instant Film 
Image Size62 mm × 46 mm
Image Format SupportedJPEG, HIEF, PNG
Printing Resolution 12.5 dots/mm
Printing Time 12 sec approx.
Power SupplyNon-removable Lithium-ion battery
Charging Time 80 to 120 minutes approx. (100 prints on a full charge)
Dimensions3.5 in. × 1.3 in. × 4.9 in. (projecting parts not included)
Weight7.3 oz. (film pack excluded)

What We Don’t Like

Even though the Mini Link portable printer is simple to use and works great with smartphones, there are a few things we didn’t like:

  1. Instead of a micros USB port, a modern USB-C port would have been a better choice since the printer connects with smartphones.
  2. The running cost of the Fujifilm mini instant film is higher than Zink alternatives.
  3. The printer does not work with laptops.


KiiPix Portable Portable Printer & Photo Scanner

The KiiPix Portable Printer and Photo Scanner is a cheaper alternative to the Mini printer by Instax. It uses the same Fujifilm Mini film as the Mini printer; thus, the final image size is the same.

However, the KiiPix does not use any batteries, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth technology.

KiiPix Portable Portable Printer & Photo Scanner
KiiPix Portable Portable Printer & Photo Scanner

Instead, after inserting the film, you have to align your phone with the frame placed on top of the printer’s open latches and press the shutter button, which takes a picture of the image. You can adjust the image by looking in the mirror.

After that, turn the crank, and the picture comes on on film. Keep the phone brightness maximum and switch off auto-lock to prevent wasted film.

Although simple to use, the KiiPix does not compare with the Mini Link in picture quality or extended features. It is a fun budget buy, but the Mini Link is way superior to photo prints and image editing.


Are Instax printers worth it?

Instax printers are worth the money as they allow you to print analog photos without an instant camera. Just connect to the printer via its dedicated app from your smartphone and transfer any image you like to be printed. They are portable, simple to use, and great as gifts or to use at parties.

How much does an Instax Mini Link printer cost?

The Instax Mini Link Printer retails at around $100. However, several discounted offers on Amazon include the Fujifilm instant Mini film bundles needed for the prints. The film does not come with the camera originally and has to be bought separately. So it’s best to look for such bundle offers.

Does Instax Mini Printer use ink?

The Instax Mini Link printer does not require ink and paper. The printer instead uses the Fujifilm instant mini film. Same as the Mini camera line, the film is all you need to print the Mini Link printer images.

How do I print from my Instax?

Download the free Instax Mini Link app and connect to the printer via Bluetooth. Once the connection is established, select the image from your camera, edit it on the app if needed, and press the print button on your phone.

The print will come from the film ejection slot in about 20 seconds. Before hitting print, you can also use various simple print and fun mode features.

Final Verdict

The Instax Mini Link printer is well worth the money, allowing you to print photos and videos frames on your smartphone without an instant camera. The print quality is excellent owing to the use of the Fujifilm mini instant film.

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