Instax Mini 7s Film

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One of the first instant cameras in Fujifilm’s Instax Mini line, the 7s Mini Instax camera uses the ultra-famous Instax Mini film.

The mini instant film by Fujifilm is an ISO 800 integral daylight color film with a glossy finish, which works with various other Instax Mini cameras (even the newer models), including the Mini 7s.

Instax Mini 7s Film
Instax Mini 7s Film

Read on as we review the Instax Mini instant film, focusing on its results, usage, price point, and precisely what sets it apart from its competitors.

Fujifilm 7s Instax Mini Film – Review

Over the years, the Mini film compatible with the 7s and various Instax Mini cameras has made quite a name for itself for its vibrant, authentic colors, quick developing time, and budget-friendly price tag versus similar quality competitors.

The Instax Mini 7s instant mini film is usually available in a twin pack with two film cartridges, with ten exposures each.

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All in all, you get 20 shots in a Mini film twin pack. Each white frame film pack usually costs around $10, at almost $1 per shot. However, you can find better cost listings for the Instax 7s mini film on Amazon, for the twin pack. (With 86% of 5-star reviews, users claim the film worked just as well as other pricier listings.)

The film makes for lovely mementos that fit right into your wallet. But is the Instax Mini film for the Mini 7s instant camera worth the money?

Let’s find out!

Instax Mini 7s Instant Film Specifications

Film SpeedISO 800/30°
Film Size86 x 54 mm
Image Size 62 x 46 mm
Color TemperatureDaylight Type (5500k)
FrameWhite, with notation area at the bottom
No. of Photos per Pack 10 (20 in twin packs – 2 packs of 10)

Film Size

The Mini film is 86 x 54 mm, making it the perfect size to carry inside purses and wallets. Although smaller than your typical polaroid camera film (the Instax square film is closer in size to that), the Fujifilm Instax Mini film comes with a lighter price tag.

Image Size

The image size is smaller than the film size at 62 x 46 mm, owing to the white frame and a wider border at the bottom, which you can use to write a message or the date (use a non-water-based ink pen).

The extended frame at the bottom of the image makes the Mini film an excellent choice for archival purposes and documentation, especially since it is easy to carry around.

The number of Prints Per Film Pack

Each mini film cartridge contains ten exposures, which means that you can use each film pack to take ten photos.

After the container is empty, the film counter in the Mini 7s instant camera displays “0.” This is an indication to load a new cartridge in the film compartment.

Film Finish

The Fujifilm Instax Mini film has a glossy finish, presenting true and vibrant colors with natural tones in electronic flash and natural light. The effective flash range for the Instax Mini 7s is between 0.6 to 2.7 m.

Film Quality

Fujifilm is synonymous with excellent film quality, and the Mini Film for the 7s Mini instant camera is no different with some great features.

The Fujifilm Instax Mini film produces fantastic grain quality, despite being a high-speed ISO 800 film. Since it has a higher ISO value, the Mini film results in vibrant pictures indoors and outdoors.

Film Quality
Film Quality

However, since the Mini 7s has a shutter speed of 1/60 seconds, it can cause images to return overexposed in bright sunlight.

Although, you can manually choose between four exposure settings on the 7s point-and-shoot camera, which comes with an LED light in the exposure meter.

The Mini film uses technology that allows the faster acid transfer and prevents interlayer mixing; thus, the resulting photos are sharp and have vivid details.

With a resolution of 12 lines/mm, the image quality is good and holds its own compared to traditional films.

One problem with the film is how sensitive it is to light and, thus, more susceptible to damage. In other words, you spoil the film cartridge without ever getting to use it.

Fujifilm seeks to address this issue with the Mini film by extending the ideal temperature range from 5 degrees Celsius to 40 degrees Celsius.

Moreover, the Fujifilm Instax Mini film uses new development control and emulsion technology to resist any changes in the raw stock that may present with age.

You still need to keep the film out of direct sunlight and be careful when exposing it to brightness. You also cannot open the film compartment on the Mini 7s once the film cover is off, or the resulting pictures will be white.

Other Compatible Instant Cameras and Printers

Instax Mini Film For Mini 7s
Instax Mini Film For Mini 7s

The good news about the mini film is that it is compatible with various other instant cameras and Instax printers.

Thus, if you invest in more than one camera from the Mini line or go for one of the compatible printers, the Mini instant film will be useful in all such devices.

The Mini 7s instant film works with all Instax Mini cameras, Instax Mini Link printer, Instax Share SP-2 printer, and the Polaroid 300 camera (which is the only Polaroid camera to use the Fujifilm Instax Mini instant film.

Some hybrid camera and printer options also allow you to select one from a video and print it on the film.

What We Didn’t Like

The Mini film is easy to use (more on that later) and of excellent quality, but there are a few things you need to consider.

  1. The mini-film size is close to a baseball card and not as big as the traditional Polaroid.
  2. The running cost of the film packs can pile up over time.
  3. The Mini film needs to be handled with care, or you could end up with a few blank shots in each package, or worse, an utterly bad batch.
  4. The mini-film sometimes tends to overexpose images when you shoot in brighter light.
  5. Sometimes the instructions may not be in English.

Instax Mini Film For Mini 7s – Cheaper Option

One way of avoiding the running cost of mini film cartridges is to buy more film packs in one go. Instead of the twin pack with 20 shots, go for the 5-pack bundle, which allows you to shoot 50 photos.

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In the 5-pack bundle, you will receive two twin packs, of 20 images each and one individual film cartridge in bulk packaging, at the discounted rate of $36.50 (at the time of writing), compared to the usual $60 value.

Although the bestseller 5-pack bundle has an 87% 5-star rating, storing the film for too long can cause dark streaks due to temperature changes. Get the 50 sheets if you can use them as soon as possible.

How To Put In The 7s Instax Mini Instant Film

Using the mini film is extremely simple, and you only have to follow a few simple steps, from putting in new batteries to getting a developed image.

  1. Put four AA batteries in the battery compartment. (New AA batteries last for about 100 shots in the Mini 7s)
  2. Open the film compartment at the back of the camera and put the new film inside, making sure to align the yellow marks on the film and the camera. The yellow mark can be seen from the outside on the film confirmation window, which ensures you do not open the back cover while the film is still in to prevent the exposures from damaging.
  3. Avoid storing or putting the film under direct sunlight. Once the film cover is removed, DO NOT open the film compartment.
  4. Once the film is in, close the back cover. You will see an “S” on the film counter window. Open the camera by pulling out the lens barrel and pressing the shutter button to eject the film cover.
  5. After removing the film cover, the counter will move from “S” to “10,” indicating that you have ten exposures left in the pack.
  6. As you shoot, the exposure numbers keep reducing until they are down to “0,” when you can open the back cover and insert a new cartridge.
  7. You can shoot images with your Instax Mini 7s by manually selecting the correct exposure setting and pressing the shutter button. The film develops around 90 seconds after ejection.


What film does Instax Mini 7s use?

The Instax Mini 7s uses the Fujifilm Instant Color Film “INSTAX Mini,” which is also compatible with all the Instax Mini instant cameras. The film also works with the Instax Mini Link, Share SP-2 printer, and Polaroid 300. 

Does the Instax Mini 7 and 9 use the same film?

The Mini 7 and Mini 9 use the same Fujifilm Instax Mini instant film. All other instant camera offerings from the Fujifilm Mini line use the same film, including the Mini 40, Mini 7s, Mini 70, Mini 90, and hybrid mini camera models.

Does Polaroid Zink paper work with Instax Mini 7s?

Polaroid Zink Paper is not compatible with Instax Mini 7s or any Instax camera from the Mini line. To use the Mini 7s camera, you must load the Fujifilm Instax Mini film on the camera’s back cover. Each pack contains ten exposures, allowing you to take ten photos. Fujifilm recommends only using the Instax mini instant film in its Mini instant cameras.

Is the Instax Mini 7+ the same as the 7s?

The only differences between the Instax Mini 7+ and the 7s are different sensor placement and a new coral color in the Mini 7+. The 7+ line has replaced the white color from the Mini 7s; the rest of the four colors remain the same.

Both cameras have the exact specifications and features, with the Mini 7+ being the newer model. There is a slight difference in the lens barrel shape of the two models, but the overall bulbous and fun exterior remains the same. In simple words, the Mini 7+ is a repackaged 7s.

The Bottom Line

The Mini 7s uses the Fujifilm Instax mini film, which is compatible with all the mini line instant cameras. The film is easy-to-use, quick to develop, and produces vivid images – perfect for capturing precious memories on the go.

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