Instax Mini 26 Review 2023

By Emma Johnson •  Updated: 12/15/17 •  9 min read
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Review of the Instax Mini 26 Instant Camera

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 26 includes some new features and upgrades not found on the older Instax models, such as the Instax Mini 8.  The Instax Mini 26 allows you to shoot horizontal or vertical shots with the simple press of a button, it also offers adjustable print color brightness and an intelligent “fill-in” flash.

It comes in a range of neat colors (more on that later) and at the time of writing is selling on Amazon for under $60 including a rainbow film bundle!

Fujifilm Instax Mini 26

Instax Mini 26 Key Features

The Instax Mini 26 is a lightweight and compact instant camera.  It measures 4.25 x 5.5 x 5.75 inches (112 x 121 x 51 millimeters) and weighs approximately 0.65 lb (275 grams) without batteries.  The Mini 26 comes with two CR2 lithium rechargeable batteries which, according to Fujifilm, will allow you to shoot approximately 300 photos when fully charged.

It features a high-quality 60mm Fujinon lens which is capable of focusing from a distance of 0.5m and beyond.  If you want to take close-up photos, there is also a clip-on close-up lens included which allows you to shoot photos of subjects up to 35 centimeters away.

Other useful features of the Instax Mini 26 include a button to conveniently switch between shooting in landscape and portrait, an intelligent fill-in flash, buttons to adjust the brightness of pictures prior to printing, enable the flash and shutter release buttons.



As I mentioned earlier, the Instax Mini 26 comes equipped with a 60mm Fujinon lens which is ideal for an instant camera: A 60mm focal length is great for capturing portraits of friends and family, precious moments at special events, beautiful stills of landscapes, buildings and much more.

Just be aware that shooting with the Mini 26 is not the same as taking a photo with your mobile phone because there is no zoom function, so you will have to move around to make sure you are the correct distance from your photo subject.  While this can be a little frustrating in the beginning, it is one of the most rewarding points of shooting with an Instax camera and you will quickly get the hang of it!

What is unique about this camera (compare to other Instax Mini cameras) is that you can switch between shooting in portrait and landscape by simply pressing a button, something I really appreciated during testing.

Close-up Lens

Simply attaching the included close-up lens adds a whole new dimension to the Mini 26, allowing you to capture awesome photos of food and drinks, nature photography, and smaller subjects.  Because the lens magnifies the photo subject, you can capture details that would otherwise not be possible.  The Instax Mini 8, although a great camera, never came with a close-up lens so it’s good to see Fujifilm has addressed this shortfall with the Mini 26.


Fujifilm has not been left behind in addressing our selfie-obsessed needs and has cleverly incorporated a selfie mirror on the front of the camera adjacent to the lens.  When you want to snap a selfie simply turn the camera around, use the mirror to ensure you are perfectly in the frame, and then take your photo.

Instax Mini 26


One of my favorite features of the Instax Mini 26, is the intelligent flash which uses built-in exposure compensation technology to automatically detect the background lighting and control the shutter speed accordingly to ensure just the right exposure for your photo.  The flash is easily toggled by pressing a button on the top right of the camera.

Although the intelligent fill-in flash is not new to Fujifilm – featuring on cameras such as the Instax Mini 70 – this is the first time I have seen it included on a camera at the lower end of their price range again highlighting what a bargain the Mini 26 is!


The Instax Mini 26 prints your photo almost instantly after you snap the shot and takes about 90 seconds to print.  It uses 2 x 3 inch Instax Mini film which is about the size of a credit card and perfect for keeping in your wallet or mounting on your bedroom wall at home.

Another unique feature of this camera is that you can adjust the photos to be darker or brighter with the simple press of a button located on the top of the camera.  I really liked this because sometimes with other Instax Mini cameras I find the photo to be slightly over or underexposed and there is nothing I can do about it but with the Mini 26, you can easily optimize the photo before printing it.

Instax Mini 26 Design

Instax Mini 26 Review

The Instax Mini 26 is available in 4 different color options, meaning you can find a style that is just right for you.  The options are as follows:

  1. Cream/white
  2. White/pink
  3. White/blue
  4. Black

As with most Instax Mini cameras, the Mini 26 is square-shaped and constructed of a robust plastic that feels both lightweight and sturdy enough for daily use.  Where this instant camera differs is the hourglass-shaped sides which I found very ergonomic and made the camera comfortable to hold and shoot with, even for prolonged periods.

The Mini 26 is versatile in its shape and size, making it suitable for all occasions including travel photography, weddings, family events, and shooting selfies (my favorite haha).


Instax Mini 26 vs Instax Mini 8 (and Instax Mini 9)

I wanted to address this comparison because it’s an important one that requires careful consideration if you are planning to buy a new Instax Mini camera.  Let’s start by comparing some of the features and specifications of the Instax Mini 26, Instax Mini 8, and Instax Mini 9, then we can discuss what this means for you when choosing the best instant camera for your needs.

Instax Camera TypeInstax Mini 26Instax Mini 8Instax Mini 9
Price$59.99 (includes 10 sheets of the rainbow print film)N/A – Discontinued$58.85 (no film included)
Shutter1/60 sec1/60 sec1/60 sec
FlashIntelligent Fill-In FlashAlways OnAlways On
ExposureAutomaticManual (5 settings)Manual (5 settings)
BatteriesLithium2 x AA2 x AA
Size4.25 x 5.5 x 5.75 in5 x 3 x 5.5 in5 x 3 x 5.5 in
Weight0.65 lb0.7 lb0.7 lb
Photo Size1.8 in x 2.4 in1.8 in x 2.4 in1.8 in x 2.4 in
Selfie MirrorYesNoYes
Close-Up LensYesNoYes
Shutter Button for Horizontal/vertical shotsYesNoNo
Adjustable Print Color BrightnessYesNoNo

The insanely popular Instax Mini 8 has been a best-selling camera for Fujifilm, on Amazon alone it has over 11,000 customer reviews!  The Mini 8 has now been discontinued having been replaced by its (slightly upgraded) successor, the Instax Mini 9.

So, right off the bat one of the 3 cameras is eliminated from the comparison leaving only the Instax Mini 26 and Instax Mini 9.  Let’s now take a deeper look at a comparison between these two cameras.

Instax Mini 26 vs Instax Mini 9

Both the Instax Mini 26 and Mini 9 are excellent instant cameras and offer value for money.  In my view, the Instax Mini 26 has a slight edge.  Here’s Why:

  1. The Instax Mini 26 offers better value for money, coming in at a similar price to the Mini 9 but with a free rainbow instant film included
  2. It comes with a rechargeable lithium battery included, instead of 2 x AA batteries
  3. The Instax Mini 26 has a shutter button which allows you to toggle between horizontal and vertical shots.  There is a workaround solution for this with the Mini 9 but it’s not ideal.
  4. It includes Fujifilm’s intelligent fill-in flash meaning backgrounds can be captured clearly even in dark rooms
  5. With the Mini 26 you can adjust the color brightness before printing to optimise the photo

Pros & Cons of the Instax Mini 26

Here’s a summary of some of the key highlights and lowlights of the Instax Mini 26:

Instax Mini 26 Pros

Instax Mini 26 Cons

  • As with all Instax Mini cameras, the price of the film can be expensive

Instax Mini 26 Film

The Instax Mini 26 film that comes with this camera when you order on Amazon is 10 sheets of rainbow Instax mini film.  It uses the same Fujifilm instant film like all other cameras in the Instax Mini range.

There is a range of films available for the Mini 26 including normal, rainbow, and monochrome (black and white) film.  I strongly recommend buying film in bulk because it helps to reduce the costs by up to 30% and ensures you always have the film at hand to capture special moments.

Final Thoughts on the Fujifilm Instax Mini 26

The Instax Mini 26 is an excellent instant camera packed full of noteworthy features not found on the Instax Mini 8 or Mini 9 cameras.  including intelligent flash which allows you to capture great photos with different background lighting, adjustable print color brightness to optimize your photos, and the option to easily toggle between portrait and landscape mode.

What’s more, it’s currently selling at under $60 including a close-up lens, lithium rechargeable batteries, and 10 sheets of instant film which in my view makes this a bargain buy and better value than the Instax Mini 9.  I also like the 4 color options that the Instax Mini 26 comes in because you can find a style that best suits your taste.

You can buy the Instax Mini 26 order at Amazon using this link. Placing your order using this link won’t cost you anything and helps cover the operating costs for this website without the need for annoying spam or pop-up ads. 

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this review, I hope you found it useful and look forward to hearing about your instant photography adventures with the Instax Mini 26!


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