How To Turn Off Flash On Instax Mini 11?

By Mark Plummer •  Updated: 11/03/22 •  6 min read
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You would want the flash turned off for several reasons, such as outside in the sunshine. Having the flash on during that circumstance is unnecessary, but there it is.

Flashing away when you hit the button to take a picture. So instead of getting frustrated, it is time to learn how to turn off the Instax Mini 11 flash.

How To Turn Off Flash On Instax Mini 11?

Unfortunately, there is no way to turn off the flash on the Instax Mini 11. It is an optional camera aspect because a Polaroid needs substantial light to work correctly. The more light is present, the better the picture will turn out.

How To Turn Off Flash On Instax Mini 11
How To Turn Off Flash On Instax Mini 11?

With this in mind, the experts state that turning the Instax Mini 11 flash off is unnecessary with this Polaroid.

The only way to understand this is to dig into how the Instax Mini 11 works. Once you grasp that, it will become apparent why there is no need to turn the Instax Mini 11 flash off.

How to Turn Off Flash on Polaroid?

First, identify the flash control button or switch on your specific model to turn off the flash on a Polaroid camera. This button is usually located near the lens or on the camera body for most cameras. Press the button or flip the switch to disable the flash.

Remember that not all Polaroid cameras can turn off the flash; in such cases, you can try using a DIY solution, like covering the flash with a small piece of tape or paper to diffuse or block the light. Always check your camera’s user manual for specific instructions for your model.

The Permanent Flash On The Instax Mini 11

The flash on the Instax Mini 11 is not designed to be turned off and for a good reason. The flash coming on when taking a picture will always cause the image to turn out well.

The most that will happen is that the light will have some extra brightness for the camera to use, creating a better-quality photo.

The Instax Mini 11 Has A Permanent Flash
The Instax Mini 11 Has A Permanently Firing Flash

Because of the automatic flash, some camera problems have been reported.

In truth, they are not so many problems as issues that must be addressed. Let’s look at how these problems can be gone so that you can take the best pictures possible. 

A Permanent Flash Reduces The Risk of Mini 11 Underexposed Photos

Underexposure is a picture that is too dark, with a shortage of light needed for the Instax Mini 11. It can create an image that is too dark to see what the object is or maybe just not relatively light enough to make out the shape of the original image.

Either way, it is a big problem that has an easy solution.

Having the Mini 11 flash permanently on reduces the risk of underexposure
Having the Mini 11 flash permanently on reduces the risk of underexposure

The camera needs more light to create a good image accurately representing the original, so the flash is always on. There will be too much light only if the camera has more light than it needs, such as in the heat of the day under direct sunlight.

Overexposure Of The Instax Mini 11

Overexposure is when the picture has too much light, which will not happen unless the light surrounding the camera is brighter than it needs to be. The Polaroid needs a substantial amount of light to work correctly, even when you are outside.

If there is too much light the photo may be overexposed - covering the flash with tape may help this
If there is too much light the photo may be overexposed – covering the flash with tape may help this

The best way to prevent overexposure is to ensure you are not trying to take a picture when the camera lens is pointed directly at the sun or whatever bright light is in the area. 

Turn or move sideways to get out of the direct line of sight and straight into the light.

13 Tips For Creating Perfect Polaroid Pictures

Tips For Creating Perfect Polaroid Pictures
Tips For Creating Perfect Polaroid Pictures

Using any camera has some glitches and issues that must be worked around. The Instax Mini 11 is no exception. You can keep these tips in mind to improve the quality of the picture without having to trade up for a bigger and more expensive version.

  1. Take pictures when the sun is out partially. The Instax Mini 11 will take amazing pictures when the skies are slightly overcast.
  2. Avoid the details when taking pictures. Refrain from concentrating on one little area of the image. Instead, focus on the entire portrait area in your sights.
  3. When you are at the perfect distance from the photographed object, you must take a few steps backward to keep the photo nice and clear.
  4. Avoid trying to take photos when there is a big difference in contrast.
  5. Refrain from covering your flash to avoid the extra light. People often recommend placing tape over the flash, which may not be a good idea because the camera is set up to work with the flash.
  6. Keep the main object of the picture in the center of the frame to prevent distortion or blurring.
  7. Play around with different backgrounds. Some will give great pictures, while others will be a thorn in your side for the rest of the time you try to take photos with your Instax Mini 11.
  8. Play around with the different colored lenses to create some fascinating photos.
  9. Avoid trying to take pictures of small items because your Polaroid is not meant for such detailed shots.
  10. Keep your fingers out of the way. Avoid taking a picture when obstructions could get in the way.
  11. Use natural light when able. Setting outside light sources may seem like a good idea, but it can create shadows and light spots.
  12. Try taking shots from different angles because one may turn out better.
  13. If you have a hard time holding still, invest in a tripod that can keep the camera steady while taking a photo. Even the slightest jiggle can cause havoc with the images that you are trying to take.

Many tips can be given to help you create works of art with the Instax Mini 11 in your hand, but there is so much involved in taking a good picture that it will only scratch the surface.

You can always take a class on the side to learn the intricate art of taking pictures, but many of you will need more time or energy.


Creating some fantastic photos begins with knowing your camera. You can read a ton of information on the internet. You can even listen to what other owners of the same camera are telling you to do.

They may give you some good information, or it could be some bad. 

The best way to learn about your camera is to play with it and learn how it works independently. Everyone takes pictures differently, and everyone sees the backdrop and the object of the photograph differently.

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