How to Reset Instax Mini 9 Cameras

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In this handy guide, we are going to learn how to reset Instax Mini 9 cameras safely so you can keep documenting life without the risk of breaking your precious photo printer.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Cameras are some of the most popular instant photo cameras in the world.

These tiny cameras have a gorgeous design and are available in beautiful bubblegum colors.

But what people truly love about them is their functionality.

The cameras are tiny enough to fit in your pocket and they allow you to take and print quality photographs on the spot.

They are ideal for people who love to scrapbook because you can document your travels and take images and selfies as you journey.

The cameras are also perfect for taking quick selfies of friends, pets, or places, so you can create a photo wall without having to go to a print center.

How To Reset Instax Mini 9 Cameras

These little cameras are great fun, but even they have issues from time to time.

Some buyers find that their Instax suddenly stops working for no apparent reason.

So if you’re wondering “why isn’t my Instax Mini 9 working” then here’s our troubleshooting guide.

The Top 8 Reasons Your Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Isn’t Working

These little cameras may be working just fine one moment only to start acting up the very next moment.

You can experience all sorts of issues like flashing or red lights, or it might not turn on at all.

Here is a quick look at the top reasons your Instax Mini 9 is not working:

1. Battery Problems

The most common issue is the batteries.

If your batteries are getting old, your camera will stop working.

It might turn on for a bit but will suddenly die after just a few short moments, or it might not turn on at all.

If on your Instax Mini 9 all lights are flashing orange this means the batteries are dying, they are at medium power and have enough charge remaining for approximately 1 pack of Instax Mini 9 film.

If they are blinking red then the batteries are dead and need to be replaced.

These cameras are designed to take about 100 shots if you have good-quality AA batteries.

If you are just about through 10 rolls of film, then it is likely time for some new batteries.

Fresh batteries will solve this problem for you without any reset required. 

Look for good quality non-alkaline batteries so they will last a long time.

Be careful to close your battery compartment properly or your batteries won’t connect well and your camera won’t startup.    

2. Damaged Film

In some cases, the film might be to blame.

If you load a damaged or faulty pack of film, the camera will experience issues. Lights might start to flicker or it might not startup.  

You should never press the rectangular holes on the back of the film when you reload your film.

Exposing your film to direct sunlight is another common mistake that people sometimes make.

Another way to avoid damaged film is to wait until you use up all ten film sheets before you open the black film cover.

If you open it too soon, the leftover film will turn white and it will become useless.  

Be careful to slide the new pack of film straight into the back of the camera.

There are usually yellow marks to show if your film is well aligned. 

3.  Your Close-ups Are Too Close

These tiny cameras have a minimum focus distance of 60 centimeters.

If you attach a closeup lens, then you have a 35 – 50 centimeter closeup distance.

The camera can’t focus properly if you are too close to your photo subject.

Your photographs will come out blurry or distorted and you will waste a lot of good film sheets.  

For this issue, you won’t need to reboot your camera.

You only need to mind your distance and your camera will work just fine. 

4.  You Need to Clean Your Camera

All electric devices require proper maintenance to keep them in good working condition.

Your photos can come out blurry if your lens is dirty.

You can also check to see if dirt, dust, or foreign objects haven’t gotten lodged inside the camera or the injection slot.  

Usually a good clean will solve all your issues without you having to reboot the camera.

Be careful not to open the film ejection slot of the camera if you are cleaning it.

If you open the film slot, the films will become damaged and the photo count will automatically reset.

You will need to replace the damaged films.  

5. You Dropped or Knocked the Camera

It is very important to keep these small electric devices safe from moisture or hard impacts.

If you knock it too roughly, it can become damaged.

Flickering lights or blinking dial adjustments are usually a sign of damage.

You might also see dislodged parts, a loose shutter button, and a battery cover or your images might be printed out of focus if you knock the camera too hard.

People who are good at fixing electronics can try to repair the camera.

A few fixes and a good reset might get it back to good working order.

But if you are not too tech-wise then it is probably best to take it to a professional for repairs.  

6.  Instax Mini 9 Flashing Lights

Flashing or blinking lights on your camera is a sign that something is very wrong.

You will need to take your Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 in for repairs. Don’t try to take it apart yourself.

This might cause more harm than good.

The best thing you can do at this point is to replace your batteries.

If fresh batteries don’t do the trick then you can try to discard your old film cartridge and install a fresh pack of films.

If these two methods don’t solve your blinking light issue then you should get professional help.  

7.  My Instax Mini 9 Won’t Take Pictures

If the Instax Mini 9 won’t take pictures and prints a blank photograph then there is likely an issue with the Mini 9 film.

Someone likely opened the back cover to expose your film or the film might have been faulty, to begin with. 

Take another shot to see if the printer is working now.

If it still prints blank then you should discard your film pack and replace it with a new pack. 

Be sure to check the expiration date on your film.

If the camera film expires then you are very likely to experience some issues with the film.

The colors might not come out right, the photos could seem too dark or too light or the sheet might come out completely blank.  

8.  The Photos are Coming Out Too Dark

The biggest culprit here is usually the operator.

You might not be using the right exposure setting. Beginners often have a tough time taking quality photos because they don’t have all the camera functions down pat just yet. 

If you look to the right of the camera lens body, there should be some light settings.

You can toggle the dial to different settings.

A small light will turn on if the setting is active.

Your camera shouldn’t be set on outdoor mode if you are shooting in low-light conditions.

If the flash doesn’t go off in low light conditions then your camera won’t take bright or vivid photos.  

A dirty screen can also cause your photos to look dark and distorted.

Get a soft cloth and wipe your lens.

A proper cleaning cloth and cleaning solution will help you clear up your screen and can help avoid streaks that might affect your photo quality.  

How to Reset Instax Mini 9 Cameras Safely

How to Reset Instax Mini 9 Cameras

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instax is an analog camera.

These cameras do not have any digital functions or settings that need to be reset.

It doesn’t store or keep any memory and has no robotic functioning. The only ‘reset’ function on this camera is the exposure setting.  

If you open the back of the camera before finishing the film pack, the film could get damaged.

Opening the back cover also automatically resets the counter, and the camera will say it is full even though the film sheet pack might not be full.

The only thing you can do is to discard the damaged film and get a fresh pack.

Removing or replacing the camera’s batteries won’t reset your camera.

It will keep the count it had before the loss of power because the camera is designed to display the number of leftover films.  

Why is my Instax Mini 9 blinking red?

Why is my Instax Mini 9 blinking red

The reason why your Instax Mini 9 is blinking red is that the batteries are low. The red light is a “low battery indicator.” Simply replace the batteries and your camera should be working perfectly in no time!

Final Thoughts

We do hope that this guide helped you solve any issues and learn how to reset Instax Mini 9 cameras.

For serious issues, it is always best to take your camera to a professional for repairs.  

Fujifilm Instax Mini cameras are tough and durable, but they can easily be damaged if you knock them too hard.

The best way to keep these cameras protected is by storing them in a waterproof camera case.

You should keep your camera away from moisture and use it gently.

It is better to hold it firmly in place until it is done printing than to knock it down onto a surface. 

If you treat your little camera right, it will hold up for a long time.  

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