Instax Mini Tips and Tricks for the Mini 90, Mini 70, Mini 8 and More!

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Are you looking for Instax Mini 90 tips and tricks, Instax Mini 8 tips and tricks, Instax Square tips and tricks, or Fuji Instax tips and tricks for other Instax mini camera models (e.g. Instax Mini 26, Mini 70, Mini 90, Mini 25 and Mini Hello Kitty)?

Then you have come to the right place, in this article I will share with you tips for all of the above including answers to the questions most frequently received from readers.

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If you are anything like me then you have undoubtedly opened your Fujifilm Instax camera, immediately discarded the instructions (who reads those things anyway), and are just dying to get out there and start snapping with your new camera.

So in order to help you get the absolute best from your camera, I have prepared a list of Fujifilm Instax Tips and Tricks which will help you to solve any Instax issues you may be having and learn some new methods to get the best from your camera.

Instax Mini 90 Tips and Tricks

In case you are not familiar with your Instax Mini 90, here is a parts diagram of the camera which helps you identify the features and settings discussed in the Instax Mini 90 tips and tricks below:

Fuji Instax Mini 90 tips and Tricks

Q1. How can I capture beautiful close-up images with my Instax Mini 90?

A. Great question! Selecting “MACRO MODE” on your Instax Mini 90 allows you to capture close-up images 30 to 60 centimetres away (for the sharpest images this should be 40 to 60 cm away).

If you are shooting in low light or the photo is too dark, you can use the “L MODE” which makes the colors in macro photos more vivid.

Q2. How can I adjust the photo brightness?

A. You can adjust the brightness of your photo by selecting the L, L+ and D modes as shown in the photos below:

Instax Mini 90 Photo Brightness

Q3. What is “PARTY MODE” on the Instax Mini 90?

A. Party Mode lets more light in by keeping the shutter open longer. It then uses the flash to freeze the main subject. The flash itself doesn’t get brighter to light up the room.

Mini 90 Party Mode

This is similar to what people do with club photography to maintain a well-lit background.

Q4. How can I capture fast-moving objects without them being blurred?

A. You can select “KIDS MODE” which will capture a moving object, such as a child or animal, with reduced blurring which is achieved through an increased shutter speed.

Instax Mini 90 Kids Mode

Q5. I recently purchased an Instax mini 90 and it’s been so much fun to use but I want to start experimenting with more artistic modes. Are there any special techniques that I can use to create cool images?

A. Yes! The Mini 90 is the camera in the Instax range with the widest selection of features and settings and if you haven’t already experimented with “BULB MODE” then you should do so now.

The bulb mode enables the shutter to be kept open for longer (maximum of 10 seconds) so you can capture beautiful night scenes and indoors without using the flash which is not possible with the other Instax mini cameras.

Another awesome feature of the Instax Mini 90 is “DOUBLE EXPOSURE MODE” which enables you to superimpose two different images into a single photo. You achieve this by releasing the shutter once for the first photo and again for the second photo, as shown in the examples below:

Instax Mini 90 Double Exposure Mode Tips and Tricks

Q6. Where can I find a great Instax Mini 90 accessories kit?

A.  I receive this question almost every day and am delighted to share with you this Instax Mini 90 accessories kit which includes an Instax Mini 90 camera case (great for protecting your camera and keeping it in pristine condition) with an adjustable strap, color lens set with yellow/blue/red and green filters, a hardcover Instax mini album book for 64 photos, Mini 90 close-up lens with selfie mirror, creative frames set, wall hanging photo frames and film decor sticker borders.  The Instax Mini 90 accessories kit also comes with a 12-month warranty giving you peace of mind when placing your order.

This Instax Mini 90 accessories set offers great value for money and would make a perfect gift for a friend or to use for yourself to make your photos more unique and stylish.  It has been selling really fast and I expect it will sell out soon.

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Instax Mini 8 Tips and Tricks

The Instax Mini 8 is, without doubt, the most popular camera of the entire Fujifilm range and, therefore, I have prepared a list of special tips for the Mini 8 below.  If you really want to get the most out of your camera then I would recommend this great little book, which I personally purchased and use all the time, for some great ideas on how to use your Instax Mini 8.

Q1. Why can I not take good selfies with my Mini 8?

A. The Instax Mini 8 is not ideal for taking selfies because the focal range of the camera is 2 to 8 feet meaning anything outside this range will not be sharply focused.

For selfie enthusiasts, we highly recommend you consider upgrading to the Instax Mini 70 or Instax Mini 90 which both offer “selfie mode” and a self-timer that allows you to take group photos without leaving anybody out.

The Instax Mini 70 is particularly neat because it can be set up for multiple shots in timer mode.

Q2. How can I take good landscape photos with my Instax Mini 8?

A. Similar to Question 1 above, the Mini 8 is not great for taking landscape photos due to the 2 to 8 feet focal range. It is best suited to outdoor photos of objects not too far away.

If you want to shoot good instant landscape photos then we recommend you consider the Instax Mini 70 or Instax Mini 90, both of which offer landscape modes and tripod mounts.

Q3. I am having trouble looking through the viewfinder and find it weird looking through it with my right eye as my other camera viewfinders use the left eye.

A. This is a common issue as the Instax Mini 8 viewfinder is, somewhat unusually, located on the right side of the camera. If you feel uncomfortable viewing with your right eye you can simply use your left eye.

Q4. Should I always use the recommended exposure Instax Mini 8 settings as indicated by the illuminated dial?

A. Not necessarily, if you are new to instant photography then initially we would recommend using the recommended dial setting. If you are more experienced with instant photography or are looking to get more from your camera then here are a few suggestions for you to experiment with.

My personal experience is that of the five exposure settings available, the Sunny Slightly Cloudy mode gives the most rewarding pictures. I have found that it gives good detail in the foreground and background with a nice color range

If you are taking photos indoors then try to limit this to only well-lit shots. If that’s not possible then turn your camera dial to “HI-KEY” to give higher exposed photos. Note that I do not recommend using the “HI-KEY” mode when shooting outdoors as it will likely over-expose your photo.

Instax Mini 8 pictures too dark – If you want a brighter photo when shooting outside, try turning your dial down one click from the illuminated setting

Fuji Instax Mini 8 Tips and Tricks

If the illuminated dial is “SUNNY AND BRIGHT” and you want a brighter photo then move the dial one darker (i.e. right in the photo above) to “SUNNY, SLIGHTLY CLOUDY.”

Q5. Can I turn off the flash on my Instax Mini 8?

A. No, the flash is automatic on the Mini 8 and cannot be switched off.  However, one trick I use is to cover the flash with a small piece of black tape, allowing me to take selfies using a mirror without the flash over-exposing the photo 😉

Q6. What about Instax Mini 8 Double Exposure?

A. The Instax Mini 8 does not offer double exposure, for that you should look to the Instax Mini 90.

Fuji Instax Mini Tips and Tricks

In addition to the Mini 8 and Mini 90 tips and tricks listed above, I have also prepared a list of Fuji Instax Tips and Tricks below which are applicable for all Instax Mini cameras (including the Mini 8 and Mini 90!)

Money-Saving Tips

It’s no secret that the most expensive part of instant photography is purchasing the film.  I often get asked by instant photographers “should I buy Instax mini film in bulk?” and having done the research I can tell you that the answer is YES. Here’s why:

  1. Buying instax mini film in bulk can save you up to 12% reducing the cost per photo from 67 cents to 59 cents
  2. It can also save you costs on shipping by getting all your film in one order
  3. Buying in bulk gives the advantage that you will have extra film handy in case you want to shoot more photos than planned

We recommend buying your Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 film in bulk orders of 100 sheets to get the best value for money and the highest levels of convenience.  Click the image below to get the latest discount prices for buying in bulk.

Buying your film at the cheapest possible price is one way to reduce your costs, I also recommend that you get the best value from your instant camera by minimizing the number of blurred or poor photos you take.  If you are planning to give your Instax to your child to take photos then they will need some extra guidance and help to avoid shooting lots of wasted photos.

Lastly, learn from my errors and NEVER take a photo with your Instax Mini towards the mirror because it will come out black.  Why?  Because the auto-flash function means the flash is always on and it will reflect in the photo and make it all dark.

Instax Mini Film Tips

  • For unique, artistic looking shots use Instax Mini Black and White Film
  • Remember to check the expiration date of your films.  Once expired, the colors and exposures may not be perfect.
  • Be sure to store your film in a cool, dry environment. Exposure to direct sunlight or extreme temperatures may damage your mini film packs.

Photography Tips and Tricks

  • For the best quality pictures always maintain a minimum distance of 60 cm from the photo object, unless you have the close-up lens fitted or are shooting in Macro Mode with an Instax Mini 90.
  • Taking photos of people with your Instax works particularly well, shooting great scenery shots or simple pictures of objects takes practice.
  • For very close-up photos, we recommend using the Fujifilm Close Up Lens which enables you to get in-focus shots close up.
  • Be patient when waiting for instant photos to develop, no amount of waving them around will help your instant photos to develop any faster.
  • As most instant cameras have manual focus, it is important to take your time and get the shot correctly in focus before taking the picture.
  • The flash can be good for indoor shots even during the daytime.  Do however be aware that taking pictures in the mirror will not work as the flash will make the photo appear very dark.
  • Be sure to remind your subject that the Instax camera has a flash and not to blink when you are taking a photo.
  • Use natural light – take your Instax camera outdoors and compose beautiful photos you can proudly label #nofilter.

Camera Care

  • Fuji Instax cameras are robust and well built, that said it is always best to avoid leaving them in extreme hot or cold environments for a prolonged time.

Instax Mini Wedding Tips and Tricks

  • If you are using your Instax Mini Camera as a wedding guest book, you will need to think about how to handle film reloading. You can either create a sign with pictures showing people how to load new film themselves – if you do this remember to buy your Instax mini film in bulk and leave spare film packs for your guests.
  • The other option is to have a bridesmaid or groomsman handle the reloading, this is especially advisable if you will have a lot of “technically challenged” guests attending your wedding.
  • Get yourself a Fuji Instax Mini Photo Album to store all your favorite photos.  This could also make an excellent Wedding gift.

Instax Mini Tips and Tricks Conclusion

I hope you find this article useful! As an avid Instax user, I am excited to hear about your Instax Mini 90 tips and tricks, Instax Mini 8 tips and tricks or indeed Instax Mini tips and tricks for any of the Fuji Instax cameras so please share your comments below.

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