Instax Square SQ10 Camera Review 2022

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Instax Square SQ10 Review

We are pleased to announce that the long-awaited Fuji Instax Square SQ10 camera has now been released by Fujifilm and is available to purchase online now from Amazon.

The Instax Square SQ10 is a “hybrid instant camera” combining the hipster appeal of an instant camera with Instagram style filters and color edits which you can apply before printing your Instax photos, a neat cost-saving feature that is unique to the SQ10.

Fujifilm Instax SQ10 Square Camera
Instax Square SQ10

The SQ10 is also unique in that it prints square instant photos (62 mm by 62 mm) and can store up to 50 images on its internal memory or microSD card meaning it is easy to save, share and transfer photos to other devices.

SQ10 Photo Size Comparison
Instax Square SQ10 Photo Size Comparison

Comparison of Instax camera’s photo sizes

The Instax Square SQ10 also features an LCD screen monitor on the back which, together with the circular buttons and dials arrangement, keeps everything neat and functional when operating the SQ10.

You can enjoy over 3,000 photography styles from just one dial and three buttons as shown in the video below:



  • Combines the advantages of a traditional instant camera with those of a digital camera e.g. you can edit, store and choose which photos you want to print
  • The SQ10 enables you to print as many of the same photos as you like, a unique feature not available with any other Instax camera
  • It comes with dual shutter buttons which provide extra options for lefties or righties who want to shoot in selfie mode
  • Prints instant square photos, something that no other camera on the market offers!


  • Relatively pricey compared to other Instax cameras
  • The hydrid instant camera style may not appeal to people who love the old-school instant camera style


The Instax Square SQ10 is packed with new and exciting features, including:

  • 10 different image filters
  • Vignette and brightness control
  • Automatic exposure control
  • The ability to edit, trim and select each of your photos before printing
  • Enhanced digital technology which allows you to shoot only 4 inches (10 cm) from your subject
Fujifilm Instax Square SQ10

With the LCD monitor, button dial, and unique editing features of the SQ10 you can easily store and edit your photos then choose which ones you want to print



Dual Shutter Button – typically the shutter button is on the right side of any Instax camera.

With the SQ10 there is a dual shutter system which is great news if you are left-handed and also great for shooting in selfie mode for those who are right-handed.

Style Features – The Instax Square SQ10 has a really stylish shaved metal lens ring which complements the iconic “Instax” look and feel of the camera.

We found the camera very comfortable to hold and shoot with even after prolonged photography sessions.

Note the dual shutter buttons on the front of the Square SQ10, the shaved metal lens ring, and the iconic Instax look of the camera


  • The SQ10 uses a 3.6-megapixel digital sensor
  • Photos can be saved to a micro SD card or the camera’s internal memory (approximately 50 pictures)
  • It uses Fujifilm Instax Square Film
  • The camera comes with a rechargeable battery (charges via a micro USB), takes up to 160 shots per charge, and can still take photos even while charging
  • F2.4 aperture which means the SQ10 can still take good shots even in low light
  • Tripod mount
  • Images can be transferred to your PC via USB
  • Print time is 12 seconds (similar to the Instax SP-2 printer) and you can zoom up to 2.4x digital zoom in printing
  • The LCD monitor features a 3” screen
  • Resolution is 1920 x 1920
  • In addition to the 10 filter effects mentioned previously, the Instax Square SQ10 is also equipped with bulb mode, double exposure, macro and night mode


The Instax Square SQ10 offers a unique blend of the advantages of traditional instant cameras, enhanced digital technology, Instagram-like filters, and many more features including being the only camera on the market to print square instant photos!

Overall, we gave the Instax Square SQ10 camera a 5-star rating because of the excellent range of features it offers, the ability to store and edit photos before printing, and the neat and functional design of the camera.

If you are wondering where to buy the Instax Square SQ10 camera then we recommend checking out Amazon because they offer a reputable service, product warranty, and very competitive prices.

Archived News for the Instax Square SQ10

Instax Square SQ and SQ10 Release Date

Today we can reveal that the Fuji Instax Square release date is 19 April 2017.

That’s right only another few days to wait for Fujifilm to release their two newest instant cameras!

Be sure to check back regularly for updates and we will bring you a review of both cameras as soon as possible.

The internet has been alive with the latest Fujifilm Instax Square gossip this week including several leaked photos of what appears to be two different versions of the Instax Square which Fujifilm will release this Spring.

Another controversial news is that the Instax Square SQ10 will feature an SD card slot and LCD screen on the back!

Fujifilm Instax Square SQ10 Sneak Preview

Fujifilm released this photo earlier this week on their Instagram page (@instax_square) with what are believed to be actual photos of the SQ10 model and clearly shows the LCD screen on the back.

Although Fujifilm has not officially confirmed this on their website, it does bear a canny resemblance to the Instax Square camera format they hinted at in their video which was released in 2016 (scroll down to see the video).

Here is a closer look at the LCD screen on the back of the Instax Square SQ10 photo released on Instagram:

Instax Square SQ10 LCD Screen

Fujifilm Instax Square SQ and Instax Square SQ10

Based on the latest rumors circulating online, Fuji will be releasing two versions of the Instax Square..

  1. The Instax Square SQ will print on instant film only
  2. The Instax Square SQ10 will be a hybrid digital/instant with an SD card, the ability to print on instant film or through an Instax printer, and will feature USB charging

Instax Square 1:1 Format

Instax Square Photo Size Comparison

The Fuji Instax Square camera will come equipped with a 1:1 instant film format, measuring 85.6 mm by 72 mm.

The actual photo size will be 62 mm by 62mm which is larger than the Fuji Instant Mini Film and smaller than the Fuji Instant Wide film. A comparison of photo sizes is as follows:

  • Fuji Instant Mini Film – 62 mm by 46 mm
  • Fuji Instant Square Film – 62 mm by 62 mm
  • Fuji Instant Wide Film – 86 mm by 108 mm

It will be interesting to see what price Fujifilm will sell the instant square film for and indeed if they can price it competitively relative to the other instant film options then surely it will be a big hit, particularly with people who love Instagram type photos.

Rumors have been floating around for some time now about the release of the Fuji Instax Square Camera, a square format instant camera.

We can now confirm that these rumors are true and are excited to tell you that the camera will be launched in the spring of 2017.

Details of the Instax Square camera are sparse however we do know that Fuji are busy preparing to launch the camera in spring 2017 and they shared this teaser video which gives very little away about how the camera will look and what features it will come equipped with.

Sneak Peek Video of the Instax Square Format Camera


Square Format Film Debuts at Photokina 2016

Fuji officially announced the Instax Square at the world’s largest photography and camera trade show, Photokina, which is held annually in Cologne, Germany.

The response from the Photokina show was very positive and the new square format garnered a lot of attention amongst the show attendees. Fujifilm reported over 12,000 visitors to their stand during the show!

Can’t Wait for the Release of the Instax Square?

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