Best Instant Camera for Kids

By Emma Johnson •  Updated: 12/26/19 •  6 min read
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If you’re old enough, you’ll remember a time when there were no smartphones, and we only had one way to capture the significant moments of our lives: a camera.

We’d use it to take pictures, then develop the film later.

However, some people used a kids polaroid camera to take instant pictures.

But the problem with polaroids is that the instant photo would fade as time passes.

Best Instant Camera for Kids

Nowadays, smartphones have eliminated the struggle, but instant cameras are coming back to the surface lately.

Instant cameras are trendy, and with their eye-catching appearance and ease of use, they quickly invaded the markets and became perfect gifts for kids.

It can be a little challenging to decide which brand of instant camera to get your kid as there are many good ones to choose from; so we’re here to give you a hand with our selection of the Best Instant Cameras for Kids.

Our Top 4 Best Instant Cameras for Kids

1.   Dragon Touch InstantFun Instant Print Camera

Best Instant Camera Kids

With its simple, child-friendly designs and ease of use, this camera is a great gift for a kid from 4 to 11 years.

Your kid will enjoy playing with different frames and filters, enhancing their creativity and increasing the fun.

Also, they can use it to take pictures to include in scrapbooks or document their fun trips and school activity.

The photo quality of the Dragon Touch camera isn’t the best out there, but it’s good for its price.

Things We Like

  • Affordable camera and paper rolls
  • Fun and easy to use
  • Comes with many filters and frames

Things We Don’t Like

  • Average print quality
  • Only prints in black-and-white
  • Won’t take pictures without SD card

If you like this camera, get it here.

2.   Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera

Instax Mini 9 Camera

This camera is a little more expensive, but it’s worth it. Its additional features make it a better choice for older children, and the good picture quality is another thing to take into mind.

Also, you can choose from several unique colors, and your kid’s favorite will surely be one of them.

Things We Like

  • Comes with a selfie mirror
  • Automatic brightness adjustment
  • More control buttons
  • Good for taking close-ups
  • Prints in color and black-and-white

Things We Don’t Like

  • Film is expensive
  • Bad picture quality in dim or bright lighting

If you like this camera, get it here.

3.   AMKOV Kids Instant Print Digital Camera

Amkov Kids Instant Camera

For more options and even higher print quality, we recommend this camera. You’ll find the Wi-Fi connectivity option, which allows your kid to share their pictures via social media. Also, it can be connected to any smart device.

It’s available in a cute design that your kid will love, and its durable material makes it easy to carry anywhere.

Things We Like

  • 32GBs storage capacity
  • Smart device connection and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • LCD display
  • Auto flashlight
  • Takes videos
  • Comes with a mirror lens
  • Prints while taking photos
  • Good printing quality
  • Comes with accessories (coloring pen and camera case)

Things We Don’t Like

  • Requires SD Card

If this camera gets your attention, buy it here.

4.   GordVE’s Instant Print Camera

Instant Print Camera for Kids

This camera comes with many things: a USB cable, a color brush, a painting book, and a bag, which makes it an excellent gift for a kid. Despite being the most expensive choice, you’ll find the best picture quality and best editing options.

Stickers, frames, and filters will keep your child from asking for your phone to take pictures.

Give your child the chance to get creative and record the most memorable moments of their days by buying them this camera.

Things We Like

  • Wi-Fi connectivity and Smart device connection
  • Accessories included
  • Colorful and eye-catching design
  • Best picture quality
  • Fun to use
  • Perfect weight for kids

Things We Don’t Like

  • Most expensive choice
  • Prints only in black-and-white
  • Comes without an SD card

If you like this camera, buy it here.

Why Buy An Instant Camera for Your Kid

Buying a gift for a child requires a little bit of thought. An instant camera is a unique choice, here’s why.

Awakens Their Creativity

An instant camera will grip their attention, feed their curiosity, and make the whole experience more fun than a digital camera or a smartphone.

And through included stickers, frames, filters, and editing options, it’ll help bring out their inner graphic designer.

Captures Memories

It’s important that they learn the value of memories and record their everyday life through their own eyes.

Different and Unique

A camera is an unusual choice as a birthday gift; with a guarantee that your child will get a more interactive and fun experience.

Tips to Take Care of An Instant Camera

As with everything, an instant camera requires several simple steps to keep it in good shape for as long as possible.

Also, this teaches your kid responsibility and how to keep their stuff safe.

Store it Properly

If you don’t intend to use your camera for a while, wrap it in the cover carefully then return it to the box it came inside. Simply keep it in a secure corner in a drawer or a wardrobe.

Keep It Away from Water

Don’t use it with wet hands. Also, never take it out in the rain.

Clean it Regularly

Teach your kids to keep their camera and lens clean by wiping them on a regularly


Do instant cameras need ink?

No. But you must refill the film cartridge after a certain number of shots.

Do photos fade with time?

If you choose a high-quality manufacturer like Fujifilm, the resulting photo won’t fade with time as long as they’re stored properly.

How should I store an instant photo?

Simply store it in a safe, dark place and it can last up to 100 years.

Our Top Pick – AMKOV Kids Instant Print Digital Camera

It’s a convenient choice if you’re looking for good quality, many additional features, a fun experience, and not an over-the-top price. Give your kids the gift of their dreams and improve their creativity with this unique camera.

However, if you’re on a budget and still want a reasonable quality for your kid’s camera, we suggest our second favorite best instant camera for kids: Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera.

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